The rope forest


Artwork entices you to play with thousands of ropes swaying in the wind

The man with the beard swings in one of the 3,500 white ropes that hang down from the 1,000 m2 roof. The many ropes with orange ends hang in a tight system, whereas the shortened ropes create a passage and five hollows in the rope forest. A girl runs through the room of ropes. She ties two ropes together, makes a swing and climbs up. Carlsberg has got movable urban life on its three squares, common sense has been challenged and the urban space has preliminarily changed. The ropes hang five metres down from the roof, and the townspeople hang out. The morning sun is shining through the ropes when the pedestrians come from Enghave Station. The ropes and their mood sway in the wind. But the temporary work of art entices you to play, and the girl is still swinging.

    Cityspace at Carlsberg

  • KATEGORICompleted
  • STEDCarlsberg, København
  • BYGHERRECarlsbergbyen
  • STØTTET AFRealdania, Lokale- og Anlægsfonden, Københavns Kommune
  • OPGAVETYPETotalrådgivning
  • AREAL5000 m2
  • UDFØRT2010