Motion centre for people with disabilities


Holiday, speed and fun in the activity hall for everyone, regardless of disability

The man in the wheelchair goes up the 100-metre long red ramp effortlessly with his friend. The ramp winds like a large serpentine along the facade of the multi-purpose hall with the circular roof. The two friends have a good view of the hall’s many activities. Here there are energetic holiday guests, who play electric hockey, flying on the zip wire and toiling on the climbing wall. Musholm holiday, sports and conference centre has an exceptionally beautiful motion centre adapted for people with disabilities. The hall’s flexible facilities and good acoustics make it suitable as both a sports and conference hall. Guests with all types of disabilities enjoy the high accessibility of the whole centre. It is bursting with activity and gentle recreation here. Up on the ramp’s highest point, the man in the wheelchair is enjoying the view of the sunset over Storebælt (The Great Belt). His friend takes the lift while he races his wheelchair at great speed down the ramp again.

    Musholm ferie-, sport- og konferencecenter

  • KATEGORICompleted
  • STEDKorsør
  • BYGHERREMuskelsvindfonden
  • STØTTET AFRealdania, Arbejdsmarkedets Feriefond
  • SAMARBEJDEAART Architects, BSSA Urban Lab
  • AREAL2000 m2
  • UDFØRT2015