State sports school


It’s full speed ahead for the school children inside and outside of the transformed physical environment

The students sprint on the running track up to the school entrance, passing photostats of runners and reach the finish line just in time for the audience’s cheers. The bell rings for the start of lessons at Bellahøj School. In the country’s first state sports school, students have physical education every day, and 7th-9th class has a high performance sports line. The old 1930s building is overrun by students. The school’s altered physical environment encourages the students to be active. Here they can run in the corridors where each metre is marked and a Kandinsky painting is the inspiration for sports lines on the floor in the main hall. During the physical education classes and breaks students stretch out outdoors at the mini stadium, obstacle course and the play maze. The young students cycle on the asphalt track with lines and bubbles. The older students run on the 500-metre motion track around the school. At Bellahøj the whole school is up to speed.


  • KATEGORICompleted
  • STEDBellahøj, København
  • BYGHERREKøbenhavns Kommune
  • OPGAVETYPETotalrådgivning
  • SAMARBEJDEPeter Holst Landskab (Teknisk Projektering)
  • AREAL10.000 m2
  • UDFØRT2008