All in one hall


Welcoming sports centre and cultural gathering place for all of the townspeople

It’s buzzing with life in the small square in front Vodskov Culture and Sports Centre, where the townspeople meet for activities. They pedal hard in the spinning class in the fitness area. Children play in the after-school centre in the multi-purpose building next door. A young woman comes out of the library, while a group of pensioners listen to lectures in the culture hall. The old Vodskov hall has been updated and has a new face:
Visitors have direct insight into the many activities because the facades are made of glass and constructed like giant wooden shelves. The numerous shelves change expression according to how they are used by the public. The shelving in the fitness area is part of the exercise studios, while they are used for storage and cosy corners in the multi-purpose building and the library. The café is the focal point and it has become the kitchen/dining area for the whole town.

    Vodskov Culture and Sports Centre

  • KATEGORICompleted
  • STEDVodskov
  • BYGHERREAalborg Kommune / Vodskov Kultur- og Idrætscenter
  • STØTTET AFLokale- og Anlægsfonden
  • OPGAVETYPEKoncept, formgivning, indretning og bygherrerådgivning
  • SAMARBEJDEP+P arkitekter (Teknisk projektering)
  • AREAL1.600 m2
  • UDFØRT2015